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Can't take my eyes Hot Stuff
Quando Quando
Son of a preacher man
You gotta be
Zene nélkül mit érek én
There will never be another you Four
The girl from Ipanema
All the things you are
Samba de orfeau


Live Jazz

Autumn leaves
Jazztergom jazz festival



Light Equipment

Master of ceremony


Light Equipment


To create an atmospheric event, high-quality music needs to be accompanied by professional visuals. Our basic light equipment pack includes eight pieces of led lamp combinations, with are static, change colours and intensity. This is a great cost-efficient solution to create the right environment.

We can also provide a full light bridge, with dynamic, moving robotic lamps, a fog machine or a full room lighting.


For requests, please find the contact information under the “Contact” menu point.

Master of Ceremony


A Master of Ceremony is usually recommended for weddings. We often find ourselves in a situation where an amateur, unprofessional person finds himself/herself in such a role. With unnecessary, unfitting speeches and behaviour, dancing is usually interrupted and the constructed atmosphere is ruined. This can be completely avoided if the party leader is the member of the band. Our singer is the perfect and professional choice to conduct the events of the afternoon and the evening. She can create a fantastic atmosphere and will not disintegrate the event with unnecessary actions.



A uniquely choreographed opening dance is the perfect way to launch a wedding party.  Our dance instructor teaches dances from beginner to professional level, based on the request of the newlywed couple. You can choose from a variety of styles, from traditional ballroom dances to hip-hop, and any combinations. Each choreography is created based on your choice of music, or a montage of songs. We compile and play the music on the spot. If requested, the band can play the songs live (if the given setting of the band is suitable for the music’s purposes.)

An elegant, perhaps funny, smart opening dance can be a worthy start to a great party and it establishes a fantastic atmosphere.








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