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As a teacher, I met people from all different age groups, from small children to middle-aged students; also, they were on different levels, from complete beginners to qualified musicians. I spent years in different music schools teaching jazz and classical guitar, jazz music theory, solfége and band practice. People of different age groups and knowledge levels have to be approached with different methods to make musical tasks understood successfully. This claim of variety gave me the opportunity to gain a lot of experience.
I built my teaching methods on the systems of my own teachers, by adding my own thoughts. In the field of jazz guitar, I am trying to follow the approach of Ferenc Tornóczky Sr. and Gyula Babos, whereas in music theory teaching I use the guidelines of my father, Jenő Esze.
My main line of educational work happens at the Gorsium Art School, where I introduce guitar playing and solfége to children on an elementary level, and I prepare intermediate students for the professional examination of the National Qualifications Registry (OKJ). I also teach private students. Apart from teaching guitar, my classes always contain theoretical education as well. I provide my students with the necessary sheet music, guitar theory books, music, educational videos and backing tracks to make practice easier and more enjoyable. The purpose of studying guitar can be a hobby, getting prepared for an entrance examination, to further continue studies, or simply to gain a new approach.


 The Special Request band

The band was formed in 2002. Me and my friends used to be the live-in band of the Cotton Club, Budapest, where we accompanied the revue show and evoked the atmosphere of the US in the 1920’s and -30’s night after night. Even during our time at the Cotton Club, we performed at numerous Hungarian and international events, balls and weddings. Between 2004 and 2006, we were the base group for jam sessions at the Jam Pub, Budapest. Here we performed as a jazz band. In the following years, we returned to the Jam Pub and gave retro disco concerts. Apart from these vibrant concerts, we gave successful performances at numerous jazz festivals (e.g. Jazztergom, Balatonfüred Jazz Festival). We have continued to play at events, New Year’s Eve balls, summer weddings in Hungary, Austria and Germany. In 2012 and 2013 we went on a three-week tour in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


All six members of the group are highly trained, professional musicians, with the highest qualifications that are achievable in the country. Thanks to the many years spent playing together and the large variety of shows we have played, we gained great professional routine and put together a uniquely wide repertoire. It is necessary to have a colourful program and a large songbook in order to entertain a wide variety of audiences, regardless of the nationality of the guests or the nature of the event.

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